Welcome to the Children's Department at the Portage Public Library!

The Children's Department serves children from birth through age 12, their caregivers, teachers, and members of the general public interested in children's literature. We present weekly programs for young children and their caregivers including storytimes, family extravaganza programs, and summer reading activities for preschool and school-aged children.

The staff of the Children's Department is happy to have families visit and enjoy the services, programming, and play spaces that the children's area has to offer. We work hard to make the Children's Area a welcoming, comfortable, and safe place for all who visit. We hope that visitors will keep in mind that the Children's Area is for all families, with designated spaces recommended for children of specific ages.

Please help us keep the library fun and safe for everyone by preparing your children for their library visit:

  • Remind them that the library is a place for fun, play, and learning, but not for running, shouting or throwing.
  • Encourage good library manners by modeling appropriate behavior for young children by using "inside voices" and handling library materials with care.
  • Please help your child redeturn toys, puzzles, games and other play items to their original spots.
  • Keep in mind that appropriate behavior and language must be used at all times in the children's area to ensure an enjoyable experience for all visitors. 

In January of 2013, the Portage Public Library Board of Trustees established the following child safety policy:

Library staff cannot act in the place of parents, nor can they act as a substitute daycare in providing constant care and supervision. Therefore, responsibility for the care, safety, and behavior of children using the library rests with the parent/guardian or caregiver. A caregiver must be at least 12 years of age.

Children age 8 or younger must have a parent or caregiver accompanying them unless the child is participating in a library program.

Parents/guardians are always responsible for their children, the care of their children, and the acts of their children. Library staff cannon take responsibility for the care of children of any age.

All children must abide by the rules in the Library Public Behavior Policy. It is the responsibility of the parent of caregiver to ensure all children are abiding by the library rules.

Approved by the Portage Public Library board of Trustees, January 8, 2013