Make a Donation or Memorial

Make a Donation

If you are interested in donating books, please bring them to the main circulation desk.  Library has limited storage space and staff, so please don't bring in more than two boxes of items for donation per household per day.  Donated books may be added to the Library’s collection or sold at a Friends of the Library book sale. Book sale profits help the Friends of Portage Library support library programs, collections and events. Unused or unsold donations will be recycled.

Memorial Books

If you would like to honor or memorialize a special person or event, you can do this through our book memorials program.  You can do this by either donating a specific book or by donating funds for staff to purchase a book in a specific subject category. If interested, please contact Adult Services Librarian at 608-742-4959, extension 206 for more information.

Other Donations and Partnerships

We are now accepting online donations! Please click here to learn how to donate online. Of course, we are also happy to accept cash donations or develop partnerships with organizations or individuals that are mutually beneficial to the Library, residents and community organizations or businesses.

Please read our Donation Policy or contact the Library Director at 608-742-4959, extension 209 for more information.

We thank you for considering Portage Public Library!