Print from a Computer

The printing process differs depending on what program you are using but once you have told that program to print your document you will be asked to choose a printer.  You can choose to:

  • Print in black and white
  • Print in color
  • Print double-sided or single-sided
  • Print on 8.5x11, 8.5x14, or 11x17

Black and white prints cost 25-cents per side, color prints cost 50-cents per side.

Paying for Your Print Job

Prints are sent to the printer in the staff area. Once prints are paid for at the circulation desk, staff will retrieve your copies for you; do not attempt to grab your prints yourself.

We recommend not closing your document/webpage or logging out until your print job has actually printed. That way, if there are problems, we can troubleshoot and easily try printing again.

Wireless Printing at the Library

We offer Wireless Web Printing at the Portage Public Library! Using ePRINTit, our patrons can submit virtually any document, webpage, image, or e-mail from an internet-connected PC, laptop, or mobile device to be printed out once you arrive at the library. To begin the process, please click the "Wireless Printing" button below.

Prices are the same as regular printing from the library. Note: the Portage Public Library staff cannot adjust how documents are formatted for printing once said jobs are submitted. Also, we are not able to print out text messages.